[][src]Trait plexus::index::IndexBuffer

pub trait IndexBuffer<R> where
    R: Grouping
{ type Index: Copy + Integer + Unsigned; }

Index buffer.

This trait is implemented by types that can be used as an index buffer. The elements in the buffer are determined by a Grouping.

In particular, this trait is implemented by Vec, such as Vec<usize> or Vec<Trigon<usize>>.

Associated Types

type Index: Copy + Integer + Unsigned

The type of individual indices in the buffer.

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Implementations on Foreign Types

impl<A, N> IndexBuffer<Flat<A, N>> for Vec<N> where
    A: NonZero + Unsigned,
    N: Copy + Integer + Unsigned

type Index = N

impl<P> IndexBuffer<P> for Vec<P> where
    P: Topological,
    P::Vertex: Copy + Integer + Unsigned

type Index = P::Vertex

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