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Plexus is a highly composable library for polygonal mesh processing.

Versions of Plexus in the 0.0.* series are experimental and unstable. Consider depending on the development branch of the repository. See the website for the latest information and documentation.


Linear representations of polygonal meshes.

Incremental polygonal mesh construction.

Morphisms between constant generics and numeric types.

Serialization and encodings.

Geometric traits and computational geometry.

Half-edge graph representation of polygonal meshes.

Indexing and aggregation.

Integration of external crates and foreign types.

Re-exports of commonly used types and traits.

Primitive topological structures.


Iterator that maps graph views to their keys.

Iterator that produces a window of duplets over its input.


Arity of a compound structure.


Arity of primitives and polygonal meshes.

Value-level arity.

Extension methods for types implementing Iterator.

Topological types with fixed and singular arity.

Type-level arity.