[][src]Trait decorum::Real

pub trait Real: Copy + Neg<Output = Self> + Num + PartialOrd + Signed {
    const E: Self;
    const PI: Self;
    const FRAC_1_PI: Self;
    const FRAC_2_PI: Self;
    const FRAC_2_SQRT_PI: Self;
    const FRAC_PI_2: Self;
    const FRAC_PI_3: Self;
    const FRAC_PI_4: Self;
    const FRAC_PI_6: Self;
    const FRAC_PI_8: Self;
    const SQRT_2: Self;
    const FRAC_1_SQRT_2: Self;
    const LN_2: Self;
    const LN_10: Self;
    const LOG2_E: Self;
    const LOG10_E: Self;

    fn floor(self) -> Self;
fn ceil(self) -> Self;
fn round(self) -> Self;
fn trunc(self) -> Self;
fn fract(self) -> Self;
fn recip(self) -> Self;
fn mul_add(self, a: Self, b: Self) -> Self;
fn powi(self, n: i32) -> Self;
fn powf(self, n: Self) -> Self;
fn sqrt(self) -> Self;
fn cbrt(self) -> Self;
fn exp(self) -> Self;
fn exp2(self) -> Self;
fn exp_m1(self) -> Self;
fn log(self, base: Self) -> Self;
fn ln(self) -> Self;
fn log2(self) -> Self;
fn log10(self) -> Self;
fn ln_1p(self) -> Self;
fn hypot(self, other: Self) -> Self;
fn sin(self) -> Self;
fn cos(self) -> Self;
fn tan(self) -> Self;
fn asin(self) -> Self;
fn acos(self) -> Self;
fn atan(self) -> Self;
fn atan2(self, other: Self) -> Self;
fn sin_cos(self) -> (Self, Self);
fn sinh(self) -> Self;
fn cosh(self) -> Self;
fn tanh(self) -> Self;
fn asinh(self) -> Self;
fn acosh(self) -> Self;
fn atanh(self) -> Self; }

Types that can represent real numbers.

Provides values and operations that generally apply to real numbers. As such, this trait is implemented by types using floating-point representations, but this trait is a general numeric trait and can be implemented by other numeric types as well.

Some members of this trait depend on the standard library and the std feature.

Associated Constants

const E: Self

const PI: Self

const FRAC_1_PI: Self

const FRAC_2_PI: Self

const FRAC_2_SQRT_PI: Self

const FRAC_PI_2: Self

const FRAC_PI_3: Self

const FRAC_PI_4: Self

const FRAC_PI_6: Self

const FRAC_PI_8: Self

const SQRT_2: Self

const FRAC_1_SQRT_2: Self

const LN_2: Self

const LN_10: Self

const LOG2_E: Self

const LOG10_E: Self

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Required methods

fn floor(self) -> Self

fn ceil(self) -> Self

fn round(self) -> Self

fn trunc(self) -> Self

fn fract(self) -> Self

fn recip(self) -> Self

fn mul_add(self, a: Self, b: Self) -> Self

fn powi(self, n: i32) -> Self

fn powf(self, n: Self) -> Self

fn sqrt(self) -> Self

fn cbrt(self) -> Self

fn exp(self) -> Self

fn exp2(self) -> Self

fn exp_m1(self) -> Self

fn log(self, base: Self) -> Self

fn ln(self) -> Self

fn log2(self) -> Self

fn log10(self) -> Self

fn ln_1p(self) -> Self

fn hypot(self, other: Self) -> Self

fn sin(self) -> Self

fn cos(self) -> Self

fn tan(self) -> Self

fn asin(self) -> Self

fn acos(self) -> Self

fn atan(self) -> Self

fn atan2(self, other: Self) -> Self

fn sin_cos(self) -> (Self, Self)

fn sinh(self) -> Self

fn cosh(self) -> Self

fn tanh(self) -> Self

fn asinh(self) -> Self

fn acosh(self) -> Self

fn atanh(self) -> Self

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Implementations on Foreign Types

impl Real for f32[src]

impl Real for f64[src]

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impl<T, P> Real for ConstrainedFloat<T, P> where
    T: Float + Primitive,
    P: Constraint<T>, 

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