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Plexus is a Rust library for polygonal mesh processing. It provides primitives, generators, buffers, and graphs that are generic over their geometry. Plexus provides support for types from the cgmath, mint, and nalgebra crates.


Plexus is still in its initial development phase. Crates published to in the 0.0.x series do not obey SemVer and are unstable. Dependencies should select an exact version until the public API is stabilized in the 0.1.x series.

Unlike many other mesh processing libraries, Plexus avoids exposing low-level topological operations such as inserting individual vertices into a graph. These kinds of operations are easily performed incorrectly and often require manual verification. Instead, Plexus exposes more abstract operations that maintain topological consistency while being agnostic to geometry. Graphs are manipulated in a way that is more similar to 3D modeling software, for example.

Please see the user guide to get started.


Both the code and documentation repositories for Plexus are hosted on GitHub.

Plexus is developed, built, and tested using the latest stable release of Rust. It is also tested on the stable, beta, and nightly release channels using Travis CI. Code is formatted using the nightly build of rustfmt. Please see the contribution documentation in each repository for more details.


Plexus is distributed under the MIT license.